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Willow Publishing is the exclusive representative for ONE LICENSE in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to partner with ONE LICENSE, its Member Publishers and Composers to ensure the wide use of quality music for worship and just payment of royalties for the creators.

Through ONE LICENSE, License Holders have access to thousands of congregational hymns, songs, and service music from today’s top liturgical music publishers to use in worship aids, service bulletins, and projections to inspire congregational singing.

The list of Member Publishers is regularly growing and as new ones join, you
will immediately have access to their catalogues.

A ONE LICENSE subscription is comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective.

Licenses are available for use by churches, schools, organizations and individuals involved in ministry.

For more information on pricing, please visit our Options & Prices page.

For additional information and guidance, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Churches, schools and organisations are all catered for with a ONE LICENSE license.
Select the license that best serves your needs.


Customer service representatives are available to assist you. Please send your request via email at

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Helpful Infographics

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Do I Need a License?

Using copyrighted material without the appropriate licence is illegal and can carry significant fines. A license with ONE LICENSE and reporting your usage ensures your organisation is protected from copyright infringement.

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Which Copyright
License Do I

Whether you meet in person
only, exclusively stream your
worship services online or do
both, there is a license to suite
your needs.

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How to Purchase Copyright Licenses

You choose the license that best serves your needs. Payment is done via our secure online website at via

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Group Licenses

Group Licenses are designed to support central or administrative organisations (such as a diocese or a synod, aged care facilities, network of summer camps, etc.) with an efficient and affordable means of managing music used in worship and catechesis.

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Willow Publishing, proudly representing ONE LICENSE in Australia and New Zealand.