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100 Bible Games for Every Body

Julia Abrahams

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





100 Bible Games for Every Body - Ebook



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This book contains 100 Bible-based games for both young and mature players. The games for young players are short and straightforward, designed to reinforce a Bible story’s meaning. The games for more mature players, including adults, are generally longer and more complex. They may be used to explore a Bible passage or discuss its wider implications.

The games in this book are user-friendly. A Bible verse is given for each game, along with short notes which provide a context. Each game also provides easily accessible introductory notes to assist in choosing the right game for any given time, age, size, setting or preparation constraints. Generally speaking, the preparation required for each game is simple and inexpensive. Many games require no prior preparation.
Each game in this book is categorized by type, such as those based on Bible stories, the parables of Jesus, or Christian living. For games which fall within several categories, a cross-referencing system is provided, along with a number of indices which further sort the games according to Bible reference and age range.

Whether you are working with young children, teenagers or family groups of all ages, you will find this book a very useful tool and a valuable addition to your ministry. Games are a wonderful and enjoyable way to explore Bible stories and themes. They can function as icebreakers, entertaining activities or educational tools. They inspire creative thinking and help us explore life in a way that discursive thought does not .Games are fun!