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A Journey Remembered

Kevin Bates

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





A Journey Remembered - Mp3 Collection



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A stunning collection of music by Kevin Bates sm spanning 18 years and six albums of music.This collection invites you on a journey which remembers discoveries of love, of the God who is unconditional love and has shown that love to us in human form.

Its a journey that encounters the cross and the mystery of suffering and grieving. It’s a journey that remembers the encounter with God who is total mystery and who has made us to be the same way. Its a journey where the challenge of the resurrection is encountered and the accompanying responsibility calls our world to rise to new life and freedom, mercy and truth.


  1. Into the Deep
  2. Psalm 139
  3. Long Have I Loved You
  4. Dream Lady
  5. Dreaming Free
  6. A Trusting Psalm
  7. To Let Love Run
  8. Out of Duty
  9. For the Love of Me Dad
  10. Come Ring Out Your Joy
  11. God of Truth
  12. Out of Breath
  13. Into Tomorrow
  14. A Journey Remembered
  15. Room for Everyone
  16. Our Supper Invitation
  17. Let God’s Dream Be Born