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Breath of Life – Guided Meditation For Young People

Gina Ogilvie & Monica O'Brien

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Breath of Life - Guided Meditation For Young People



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Guided Meditations for Young People – Five Guided Mediations (10 minutes each)

In our busy world we seldom take time to stop, be still and spend time in quiet meditative prayer. These five, 10-minute guided meditations lead the listener into a still place where prayerful reflection is possible. The breath becomes the focus for stilling the mind, body and spirit in readiness to meet God in prayer.

Each meditation offers a simple process – becoming still, personal reflection, and quiet prayer.

1 God Cares for Me – Meeting with, talking with and listening to Jesus
2 Praying for Others – Praying for other people and for people who pray for me
3 Loved and Forgiven – Seeking reconciliation and healing
4 I Can Make a Difference – Making decisions to be of service to others
5 The Gift of Hope – Looking for hope in life’s journey