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Breath of Life – Guided Meditations for Children

Gina Ogilvie & Monica O'Brien

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Breath Of Life - Guided Meditations for Children



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Guided Meditations for Children – Five Guided Mediations (10 minutes each)

Meditation enables us to be still and to meet God in the depths of our heart. These five guided meditations, accompanied by reflective music are designed to lead children 7-12 into a still place where inner prayer is possible. It is recommended that the meditation be conducted in a warm, carpeted, quiet room, free of distractions. Invite the children to lie on the floor, on their backs or to sit in an upright chair with their feet flat on the floor with hands resting in the lap. Ask the children to close their eyes ready for the meditation.

Each meditation offers a simple process – becoming still, personal reflection, and quiet prayer.

1 God Loves Me – Learning to be still in the presence of God
2 Listening to Jesus – Listening to God’s Word
3 Being Generous – Giving without expecting anything in return
4 God Forgives – Biblical reflection on the story of the Lost Sheep
5 Be Kind to All God’s People – Reaching out to others