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Cry of Earth

Erica Marshall

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Cry of Earth - Vocal



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Cry of Earth - Guitar



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Taking inspiration from the Good Friday Reproaches (Micah 6:3), this song puts these heart-rending words on the lips of the Earth and all Creation. Although written in 1990 before we had such an acute awareness of environmental issues, this song is in fact a response to climate change, to pollution, to the rape of the earth for financial gain, and corresponds with themes outlined so strongly by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’ (2015). The lyrics of the verses are particularly Australian. Sing this reflective song in liturgies that deal with the Earth – World Environment Day, etc. The simple Refrain can easily be learned. A cantor could sing the part of Earth (first three lines of Refrain and verses 1 and 2) while the assembly could join at “Holy is God …” and also sing verses 3 and 4. Alternatively, the assembly could sing the whole song where there is no cantor available.