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Mass for Moderns 2nd Edition

Stephen Robinson

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Mass for Moderns 2nd Edition - Music Collection



Mass for Moderns 2nd Edition - Chords Collection



Mass for Moderns 2nd Edition - Vocal Collection



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This popular Mass setting has been given new life with adaptations to the new texts. This SATB choral version of Mass for Moderns was commissioned after the unison and accompaniment version had been set for printing. The choral version has, therefore, had to honour the already established keyboard accompaniment version. This means that, sometimes, the harmonic rules regarding parallel 5ths and octaves have not been strictly observed.
It is important to remember that the original 1968 composition was intended only for guitar accompaniment. The keyboard arrangement seeks in its style and structure to honour the contemporary nature of the original which, as a result, imposes certain restraints on the choral arrangement. Experienced musicians will have no difficulty in honouring the composer’s intention that the various ministerial roles of each of the propers of the liturgy be played at an appropriate tempo and dynamic.