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Mass of God’s People

Erica Marshall

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Mass of God's People - Piano Collection



Mass of God's People - Chord Collection



Mass of God's People - Flute Collection



Mass of God's People - Melody Collection



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This Mass is easy to learn and will be enjoyed by both student and parish assemblies. It is a new setting arranged for keyboard and assembly. The style is simple, without much syncopation and set in a comfortable melodic range. The chant-like Lord, Have Mercy is easily introduced by a Cantor. The Glory to God runs straight through with no Refrain. The Gospel Acclamations may be adapted in length to allow for a Gospel procession and, while a simple verse is given, assemblies are encouraged to use the verse of the day on the simple tone provided. The Holy, Holy, Holy and the three Memorial Acclamations are linked musically as are the Lamb of Godand Lord, Have Mercy so making the ‘set’ complete.