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Gina Ogilvie & Monica O'Brien

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Mercy - Music Collection



Mercy - Track Collection



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A beautiful collection of songs about God’s mercy. Suitable for prayer and liturgy, with lyrics that challenge, inspire and comfort.  Memorable melodies that are ideal for use with all ages and in all settings. Arranged for keyboard and guitar.

This collection of songs was inspired by reflecting upon what mercy means.

What place does mercy have personally and in the wider community?

How does mercy inspire us to reach inside ourselves so that we may reach out to others with compassion?


It is hoped that these songs may provoke a deeper understanding of mercy, provide a means to deeply encounter the mercy of God, and inspire individuals and communities to be lights of mercy in our world courageously, compassionately without reserve.


  1. Light of Mercy
  2. The Circle of Mercy
  3. Mercy from the Heart of God
  4. God of Mercy Chant
  5. We Gather at Your Table
  6. With Your Grace