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Not Just Singing

Hilary Raimondo

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Not Just Singing - Collection



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How do we decide what to sing at Mass? How do we pray when we sing? These and many other questions are answered in “Not Just Singing”. This booklet has been written for teachers, parish musicians, liturgy committees, seminarians—anyone involved in the preparation and planning of music for the Mass. It helps us make sense of the Vatican documents on music and liturgy so that at Mass we don’t just sing—we pray. Hilary Raimondo has worked as an organist and teacher in Catholic parishes and schools in Adelaide, and as the Music Director at St Francis Xavier Seminary. “This small and concise book can be of much use to parish musicians in offering a clear presentation of the mind of the Church in regard to the role of singing in the Sacred Liturgy.” Bishop Julian Porteous