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O Sacred Flame

Erica Marshall

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





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Based on a version of the shanty ‘Shenandoah’, this beautiful song sends us forth on a mission to warm the cold and lonely places of our world with loving mercy. Sing it at Eucharist, a Marriage, an Ordination, a Confirmation, any kindof faith commissioning. Arranged for Cantor/Assembly with piano, guitar and flute.The Sacred Flame, the light of Christ, has been given to us in Baptism. We carry it throughout the journey of our life. This Flame sends us on mission to warm the cold and lonely places of our world with gentle love and mercy. Sing this song (with one or two of the verses) to send the assembly forth from Sunday Eucharist. We go forth transformed by the Eucharist to become, in turn, transformative for the life of the world. This song would also work well as a Communion song. Alternatively, it may bless a Marriage, an Ordination, Confirmation, a faith commissioning of any kind.