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Table of Life Shorter Version

Erica Marshall

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





Table of Life Shorter Version - Full Score



Table of Life Shorter Version - Guitar



Table of Life Shorter Version - Voices



Table of Life Shorter Version - Flute



Table of Life Shorter Version - mp3



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This is a simple style song designed so that children and their parents can easily join in singing with the regular Sunday Assembly at a celebration of First Communion. It is a joyful song that would enhance any Mass with a significant number of children present. Very often, families who are not part of a regular Sunday community, are unable to participate when the music is unfamiliar. The simple structure of this song invites people to copy a line sung by the Cantor or small group. People will join in immediately and feel at ease. First Communion Masses; Masses with Children; School Masses; The Communion Procession.
The song can also be effectively used before the First Communion Mass (as part of the preparation sessions for families) to unpack the theology of Eucharist found in the lyrics. This would create a musical link for families who are preparing for this Mass.