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The Easter Proclamation

Erica Marshall

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





The Easter Proclamation - Lead Sheet



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The solemn liturgy of the Easter Vigil begins outdoors with the blessing of the fire followed by the lighting of the Paschal Candle. As the candle is carried in procession into the dark church, all those in attendance are given individual candles which have been lit from this one Paschal Candle. When the Paschal Candle is placed in its prominent candle stand in the church, the church’s lights are turned back on, the candle is incensed, and the deacon (or a priest, or a lay cantor if need be) intones one of the most evocative and poetic hymns of praise in all liturgy: the Easter Proclamation, also known as the Exsultet, named after the first word of the Latin original. This music is an Australian setting of the short form of the revised text (2010) which includes a simple line for the Assembly at appropriate moments throughout. We acclaim and affirm the Cantor’s joyous proclamation of this wondrous night in our salvation history. This setting could be sung by a single Cantor OR shared between two Cantors. A suggested plan for two Cantors and Assembly is included at the end of the file. The Assembly’s responses are in italics.