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To Be Heard

Brian Procopis

Willow Publishing Pty Ltd





To Be Heard - Sheet Music



To Be Heard - Mp3



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Whoever listens to you, listens to me.  (Luke 10:16)

Escapees from authoritarian regimes (The Scattered People) sing ‘To Be Heard is a Wonderful Thing’ as both a protest against the silencing they have experienced and a celebration of their new-found freedom.

People experiencing marginalisation in its myriad forms (The Sweet Freedom Singers) sing to re-inforce their identity as those who deserve and demand a hearing. They, too have something important to add into the collective wisdom.

Believers navigating their own faith systems are attentive to insights and reassurances in their prayers and petitions. They know they are being listened to. They know that this is both a wonderful and a liberating feeling.

Whatever our circumstances, our relationships, and the structures of our lives – being listened to is crucial for all of us.

‘Lifeline – On Stage’ (Louise Bignell, Paul Pardede, Ruth Pearson, Bruce Hagedorn) sing their hearts out for the crisis counselling organisation that heralds this universal message.

A spirited song with a wide scope for use, including retreats and large group celebrations.