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Protecting the Gift – The Importance of Music Copyright Licenses for Sacred Music

In the sacred spaces of churches, schools, and organisations, music holds a special place, guiding our prayers, uplifting our spirits, and enhancing our worship. However, it’s crucial to recognise that the music we use, including hymns, songs, responsorial psalms, and mass settings, is often protected by copyright laws.


Copyright Permission

Obtaining a music copyright license becomes a necessary step in ensuring that we honour the rights of composers, authors, and publishers while enjoying the beauty of sacred music. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of music copyright licenses in our religious and educational settings, emphasising the need for proper permissions and recommending ONE LICENSE as a comprehensive license program available at


Respecting Copyright and Permissions

When it comes to using sacred music in our worship services, liturgies, and educational settings, it’s essential to recognise that the creators and publishers of this music hold legal rights to their work. Copyright laws grant them the exclusive authority to reproduce, reprint, project, stream or broadcast their compositions. This means that churches, schools, and organisations must seek permission and secure the necessary copyright licenses to utilise these works in a lawful and ethical manner.


The Role of Music Copyright Licenses

Music copyright licenses act as a bridge between the creators and users of sacred music, ensuring a fair and just exchange. By obtaining a music copyright license, churches, schools, and organisations can legally reproduce, display, and perform copyrighted works. These licenses not only provide legal protection but also support composers, authors, and publishers, allowing them to receive appropriate compensation for their creative contributions. Through the license fees, royalties are distributed to the rightful owners, sustaining their artistic endeavours and encouraging the ongoing creation of sacred music.


ONE LICENSE – A Comprehensive Licensing Solution

When seeking a music copyright license program that caters specifically to churches, schools, and organisations using sacred music, ONE LICENSE stands out as a recommended option. ONE LICENSE offers a comprehensive licensing solution that simplifies the process of obtaining permissions for a wide range of music, including hymns, songs, responsorial psalms, and mass settings.

With ONE LICENSE, users gain access to an extensive repertoire of copyrighted music and enjoy the convenience of a streamlined, online licensing system.

Having a license is only the first step. For the license to be valid, license holders must report the use of titles each and every time they use a composition. This ensures the creators receive their compensation.

Let us embrace the necessity of music copyright licenses, valuing and protecting the artistic gifts that enhance our religious and educational experiences. By doing so, we contribute to a culture of respect, fairness, and justice within the world of sacred music.

Willow Publishing is the Australian and New Zealand representative for ONE LICENSE. For further information visit or contact

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