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Simplifying Liturgical Music Planning: Explore Our Comprehensive ‘Liturgical Song Selections’ Tool


Choosing liturgical music can be a rewarding yet challenging task. to support our valued customers, Willow Publishing offers our Free Liturgical Song Selections music planning guide, designed to streamline your music planning process. With a commitment to accessibility, variety, and user-friendliness, our online tool is an ideal resource for selecting hymns, songs, responsorial psalms, and mass settings tailored to the liturgical calendar – Year A, B and C.


Diverse Styles for Every Congregation

One notable feature of our Liturgical Song Selections tool is its diverse range of styles. From traditional hymns to contemporary songs, this tool ensures that your music selection caters to the unique preferences within your congregation, fostering inclusivity in worship. The latest version now includes music suggestions for Children’s Ministry.


Accessibility 24/7

As an online resource, you have access to resources anytime and anywhere. Our Liturgical Song Selections tool is accessible 24/7, allowing you to plan your liturgical music at your convenience. Whether you’re at the office, home, or a coffee shop, you can seamlessly integrate music planning into your schedule.


Easy-to-Use Interface

User experience is a priority, and our tool reflects this commitment with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Navigating through each Sunday and Feast Day and selecting music for each occasion is a straightforward process, eliminating unnecessary complexities in the planning workflow.


Listen While You Choose

Making informed musical decisions is crucial. Our tool takes this into account by offering sound samples for each selection when available. You can listen to snippets of hymns, songs, psalms and mass settings while browsing through the options.


Sharing Selections with Others

Enhancing collaboration among your fellow musicians and singers is made simple with the Liturgical Song Selections tool. As you explore the selections, you can conveniently tick your choices. Once you’ve finalised your selections, the tool allows you to email them directly to your music team. This seamless collaboration fosters efficiency and ensures that everyone is on the same page.


How to Access the Tool

Visit to explore the Liturgical Song Selections planning guide. Take advantage of its user-friendly features, diverse styles, and practical functionalities to enhance your liturgical music planning.



Willow Publishing’s Liturgical Song Selections planning guide stands out as a reliable companion. With its accessibility, variety, and user-friendly design, this tool simplifies the process of selecting music that resonates with your congregation. Explore the diverse styles, listen to sound samples, make interactive selections, and collaborate effortlessly with your music team. Let this tool be the practical solution that elevates your liturgical music planning experience.

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