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What To Expect When You Join a Church Choir

For singers who find joy in expressing their faith through music, joining a church choir can be a deeply fulfilling experience. Church choirs serve as an integral part of religious services, adding a spiritual dimension to the worship experience. If you’re considering becoming a part of a church choir, it’s helpful to understand what to expect, as this unique musical setting comes with its own set of rewards and challenges.

A Sense of Community

The heart of any church choir lies in the sense of community it fosters. Expect to be welcomed into a supportive and encouraging environment where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for music and faith. You’ll likely find a diverse group of people from different walks of life, united by their love for music and devotion to their faith.

Varied Musical Repertoire

Church choirs often perform a diverse range of musical styles, including traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, Mass settings, Responsorial Psalms, acclamations, and classical compositions. Be prepared to expand your musical repertoire and embrace the rich history and traditions of religious music. You might find yourself exploring various vocal techniques and musical arrangements that can enrich your overall singing abilities.

The following list of songs offers a taste of repertoire that lends itself to beautiful and inspiring choir renditions from the Willow Publishing catalogue.

See, I Make All Things New – Trisha Watts
Open the Heavens – Brian Boniwell
Live Life Anew – Michael Harvey & Ronelle McKay
Blessing Song – Stephen Robinson
Chris Before Me – Keith Duke
Come and See – Chris Currie
Come, Creator Spirit Come  – James Maher
Don’t Be Afraid – John Bell & Graham Maule
God of Peace – Christopher Willcock
Hail Mary, Ave Maria – Peter Grant
Lead Kindly Light – Maeve Heaney
Mercy Mantra – Erica Marshall

Spiritual Fulfillment

Joining a church choir can provide a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment. Through your music, you’ll contribute to the worship experience, uplifting and inspiring the congregation. Expect to be a part of a collective effort to create a meaningful and spiritually enriching atmosphere during religious services and special events.

Commitment and Discipline

A commitment to regular rehearsals and performances is a vital aspect of being in a church choir. Expect to dedicate time and effort to practicing, refining your vocal skills, and learning new music. Discipline and dedication are essential to ensure the quality and harmony of the choir’s performance, as well as to maintain the integrity of the choir’s contribution to the worship services.


Opportunities for Growth

Being a part of a church choir can offer ample opportunities for personal, spiritual and musical growth. You may have the chance to work with skilled vocal instructors, directors, and fellow musicians, allowing you to develop your talents and improve your vocal techniques. Additionally, participating in performances and events can help you build confidence and stage presence, enhancing your overall musical experience. Faith-cased choirs often share prayer and facilitate in the spiritual development of the communities they serve.

Inclusivity and Acceptance

Church choirs often embrace diversity and promote inclusivity. Expect to be part of a group that values and respects individuals of all backgrounds, fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding. This inclusive atmosphere can create a safe and supportive space for you to express your musical talents and faith freely.

Service and Outreach

Many church choirs engage in community outreach and service projects, using their musical talents to contribute to charitable events, outreach programs, and other community initiatives. Expect to have the opportunity to use your singing abilities to positively impact the lives of others and spread the message of love, hope, and compassion within and beyond the church community.

In conclusion, joining a church choir can be a deeply enriching experience that combines musical expression with faith and community engagement. It offers a unique platform to cultivate your musical skills, contribute to worship services, and connect with others who share your passion for music and faith. While it requires commitment and dedication, the rewards of being part of a church choir are immeasurable, fostering personal and spiritual growth, a sense of belonging, and a deeper connection to your faith.


Written by Patricia Smith, Children’s Music Advisor for Willow Publishing

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