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Why Church Musicians Should Invest in Voice Lessons

As members of the church music ministry, we are called to lead our congregation in sung prayer and worship through sacred hymns and musical offerings. While a love for music and a desire to serve our faith community are wonderful starting points, continuously honing our vocal skills through professional voice lessons is crucial for several reasons.

Developing Our Gifts to Better Serve

Each of us has been blessed with the gift of our unique voice. Nurturing the precious gift of our singing voices is important in order to fulfil our ministry goals to the best of our ability.

Voice lessons teach us healthy vocal technique, breath support, diction, musicality, and performance skills that allow us to fully share our gifts without strain or detriment. By investing in expert guidance, we show our gratitude for these gifts and our dedication to offering our best to God and our community through song.

Enhancing Confidence and Minimising Anxiety

For many, singing in front of a congregation can provoke feelings of nervousness or insecurity about our vocal abilities, even if we’ve been singing for years. Voice lessons provide tools to overcome these doubts and develop a quiet self-assurance. As we learn to fully employ our vocal instrument through proper technique, we gain artistic freedom, control, and the confidence that frees us to set our insecurities aside and focus wholly on ministry through music.

Facilitating Excellence in Worship Leadership

As ministers of music, our role is to employ our talents, voices, and leadership ability to create an atmosphere conducive to heartfelt congregational singing and meaningful worship. Voice lessons raise our musical standards, improve our vocal blend with other singers, enhance our diction for better lyric comprehension, and much more. This elevated skill then inspires and enables the congregation to more robustly and authentically participate in sung worship.

While a level of natural ability is certainly valuable, the voice is not unlike other instruments that require patient, ongoing study and practice to reach its full potential.

Through professional voice instruction, we can minister to our faith communities with greater skill, grace and spiritual enrichment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Recommended Singing Teacher

Willow Publishing is proud to support the work of Emily Edmonds who is highly skilled and experienced in supporting singers at all levels, including professionals, students and community singers. She is opening her program to work with people in our community. You can learn more about Emily and her transformative approach to singing lessons at the following links:

Vocal coaching home page: 

Booking page: 

FAQs page: 

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